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People in Kansas!

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Hey Whyvillans! Recently I have noticed something sorta strange on Whyville. It occurs when some people ask where I live. Do you wanna know what about 25% of people say to me when I tell 'em my answer? They go, "WOW, you live in Kansas, are there lots of tornadoes, or do you live on a farm?" That is gonna be the topic of my article!

Starting with tornadoes: most people get that from the movie "Wizard of Oz" ( I hate that movie -- those fly monkeys, ahhh!). Well... yes, there are tornadoes in Kansas. But did you know there are more tornadoes in the state of Nebraska than in Kansas? Wild, huh? LOL... I am now 11 years old and NEVER, NOT once has a single tornado hit the ground around my home. Don't think there hasn't been any tornadoes around me, because there has been. They just didn't touch the ground. Well, I think that sorta covers the tornadoes... yeah!

Now, the farm part: no way, I do not live on a farm! I live on the (thinks for a moment) east part of Kansas! This part is more the city type. Out west, ugh... I don't want to talk about that. It is land. That is about it. Land and farms. I visited a small town out west; the population of the town was under 100. There were a few houses, dirt roads, a bar, and a gas station. I was amazed! The gas station was even used as their grocery store. =/ I couldn't last I day out there... last time I was there, we stayed for about 2 hours. Out west where I live, we have a life (not to be rude). LOL... we have highways, neighborhoods, tons of fast food, grocery stores, gas stations, GAP, Abercrombie... I could go on for ever!

I thought this article might clear up a few thoughts on Kansas! ;-) And actually, there are many people that live in Kansas that come on Whyville -- I told 'em about it, of course. I will think about this for a second... I can think of at least 10 people! And out of those 10 people, we all know each other... at least, I know all of them!

I really hoped this helped, because if I get caught doing this and not studying, I might get in big trouble. I think I hear my mom comin'... GOT TO RUN!

This is misslisa signing off... did I mention... nevermind... *click*.


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