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The Founding of Whyville

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by Etrnl *
Whyville Storyteller
The Founding of Whyville

Whyville. A peaceful, never sleeping city, with people from around the world to enjoy it.

But where did Whyville come from? How did Whyville get started? Let us take a jump back to the past in Whyville's Warp Wagon. [Warping 3 years into the past...]

Whyville was just a tiny island, barely forming. But the presence of the island, for some odd reason, was only seen by children, because children had the imagination to create their own world. This island was only inhabited with strange animals back then, though. These beings consisted of the Bird, the Octopus Registration, and many others.

One day, an adult could see the island! This was very strange, but this adult had the imagination of a child, and could create her own world in her mind, where most adults lose their imagination! Her name was City Hall.

City Hall decided to travel to this island of her dreams, and make it reality, so she set off in search of her dreams.

Soon, City Hall came upon a tiny island off the coast of Washington state. This island, she decided, would make her dreams come true, for only kids could see it.

When she got to the island, a bird and an octopus appeared. She had a long conversation with them, finding out that they were lonely. They had been inside the imagination of two small children, until they became adults. Apparently, this island was the home of the lost Children's Imaginations!

City Hall, after this conversation, asked if they would like to come into the imaginations, and eyes, of millions of children from around the world! When they heard this, both the Octopus Registration and the Bird jumped up and down for joy!

City Hall decided her creations should be from imagination alone, but should be simple enough for anyone to understand. Suddenly, two young women and a man appeared, saying they could see the island too, and had the same dream.

One woman was a professional of the world. The other woman was a professional of tours, travels, and treasure hunts. The young man could easily drive a bus anywhere as fast of the speed of light. So, City Hall said they could help in doing what they did best, and could help the children.

The Octopus was the most important of the lost imaginations. He gave Whyville life to the children. The Bird could talk easily, so he was appointed to help the newbies, and to tell important information. Dr. Leila could help children understand the world, and Tiki could give the children a little fun to travel. The bus driver, of course, could drive the bus for the children.

The first problem to occur was how to travel with Tiki. All of the Whyvillians got together, and created a machine that could go anywhere, EVEN PAST OR FUTURE! The second problem was that City Hall had to find a place where the imaginary world could become real. She found the space she needed at Whyville.net.

Finally, everything was set, and children flooded in to play Whyville games, and chat in the chat rooms.

Many things happened over the years. Chat flooded the streets, and Whyville became an all-talking town. Akbar came to Whyville, and made face parts for the children to create their faces, although, soon, he let the children, themselves, create face parts. Soon came rooms, bricks, and furniture.

The Times Editor found his way there, and made the Whyville Times to be on the rack with the backpack where Whyvillians kept their belongings, and the Walkie-talkie, where kids could Y-mail their friends. Bulletin Boards came, and soon, so did galleries. Whyville especially started booming when adults kept their imaginations, and could see Whyville too!

Salaries came, and projectiles, the Whyville Square, Whyville West, the Airfield, Myville, the Bazaar, chat rooms, and Sector Y. Y-ad Lady came, built an airplane, and set up Y-ads for everyone to advertise their body parts. Maps of people came too! Even a currency called clams! Whyville never stopped!

The most astonishing thing was when aliens came to Whyville. They needed help from children with a vision of the future to find their missing friends on the planet. Whyville was the only place around with a Time-traveling, land-jogging Warp Machine, too. Soon, Whyvillians found many of the alien's friends. The aliens thanked them with a golden aircraft to hang in their house.

Up-to-date, over 2000 children, with imaginations and thoughts of the future, live here. Whyville is booming with new ideals and projects, thanks to these young experts. Now that adults can keep their imaginations, too, Whyville is safe.

The citizens of Whyville would like to give a special thanks to the following people, the makers of Whyville, for making the best place, the safest place, the most exciting place ever! City Hall, city-management, Times Editor, Tiki, The Bird, Octopus Registration, the aliens, the Bus Driver, Dr. Leila, Akbar, and especially, their imaginative parents.

Thanks to you all, Whyville is safe, booming, and fun. Thanks to you, Whyville is here to stay in 2000, and, possibly, forever, for many, many generations of children to come.


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