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How Whyville Was Created

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by shelly1
Whyville Storyteller
How Whyville Was Created

It was after school, and Julia and her friend Jessica were working on a science project. They were making a volcano. Julia was mixing the lava for their volcano. All of a sudden, Alex burst into the room and scared Julia and the bowl of lava flew out of her hand and all over the floor.

"Ahhhhh! Alex! Look what you made me do! Ohh! Red die doesn't come out of carpet and I don't think all that other stuff we mixed in will come out either! Oh man! Mom's gonna kill me!"

When Julia tried to mop it up, the mop slipped through the giant puddle and Alex and Jessica went to grab her and slipped right thought the puddle too!

"Ouch! My head! What the heck did we fall into?"

"Well, I don't know, it seems like some sort of ship."

"Hmmmmm, well, why don't you try pushing the on button on the computer screen over there, it might be able to tell us what this thing is."

So Jessica walked over and pushed the button, Alex and Julia were right at her side looking at what was going on. The computer said, "Welcome to Time Machine 3000, Where do you wish to go?"

There was a list of places but this one place called Whyville seemed to catch their interest. So we clicked Whyville. The computer said, "Hold on tight!" Within 5 seconds they were there.

It was truly an interesting place! They found a nice little spot and settled in to gaze at the wondrous site! They were startled when a woman came and asked them who they were and why they were there.

She explained to them that this was a deserted island, well almost deserted except for her and her Whybird. She wanted to know how they got here. After they were done explaining her their story she showed us around.

There were many places! Like the Tiki Tours, the Sun Spot, the House of Illusions, Myville, the Y-ad agency, Whyville West, Dr. Lelia's, the Sportplatz, Playground, and many more places. They asked her why she had all these places if she had no one to use them?

Well, she explained, she was getting Whyville ready, because after she was done, she was going to invite other people to come visit her island.

They explained to her that they ought to be getting back, it was getting late, and they needed to be back for supper. She bid them farewell, and they promised to visit.

By Christmas time people were flocking in to Whyville, they had a great time there. They built houses there, and they even had money called clams, they eventually developed Akbar's Face Parts, where you could buy clothes, and they also opened a newspaper and the citizens were allowed to write for the paper. Whyville became a big success and that's how we came to know Whyville as it is today!

This is my version of how Whyville came to be, and I'm sure there are many others! I hope you enjoyed my story!

Yours Truly,


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