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The Start of Whyville

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by Lilly2000
Whyville Storyteller
The Start of Whyville

One day, there was a person named City Hall. She was very bored and she thought that she never had much fun. She decided to go on a adventure, to a far off land.

City Hall first went on a plane. She did not find much. Then she went on a boat. That wasn't too exciting. Finally she went "surfing".

She came across a beautiful place called Whyville. There she saw buildings. There was Dr. Leila's place, the Tiki Tours, and the Spin Lab.

She asked Dr. Leila about this beautiful place. Leila said, "This is a place for fun, especially for kids." Dr. Leila helped City Hall explore the rest of Whyville. She saw the Sun Spot, the House of Illusions, the Bazaar, the Sportplatz, and a place called Myville, where all the people would live.

But there was a problem, Whyville needed a new leader, someone to bring more people to Whyville, because there were only a few people living there. City Hall said, "I will be the new leader!"

Soon, there were more and more people in Whyville. There were more and more things to do. City Hall said to herself, "I will never be bored again. I will always have fun as long as I'm in Whyville!"

Thanks for reading my story of Whyville, this is Lilly2000, signing off.


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