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Reality or Myth? MiB

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Reality Or Myth?

by Tami324
Times Reporter

For the next 10 weeks I will be doing "Reality or Myth?" stuff on certain movies or ideas....Well, here's Episode One!

Hello, fellow Whyvillians! Welcome to Episode One! I hope you will like this stuff! Also, if you think this stuff is boring, PLEASE Y-mail ME so I can respond to your ideas!!!!

This Reality or Myth story is on the Men In Black. Yes, the Men In Black do *supposedly* exist. Here are the facts:

Myth Reality
Men In Black *The Movie* Men In Black *the real thing*
They exist in secrecy They do actually exist in secrecy, otherwise don't you think we would have found out by now?
They have no identities This is not true! The MiB do have families!!
They interact with aliens Not true again, the real story about the MiB is that they are a group of people dedicated to covering up supposed alien landings by threatening people to believe or else!

So, that's the deal with the MiB.......

What do you think? Do you think the MiB are real of a bunch of phooey? Y-Mail me with your answer and the most creative one will be put at the top of the next episode with your name & picture! Good Luck!!

Your Dedicated Astral Reporter,



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