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Dear People at War

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Dear people at war,

I wish I could talk forever, I have a million words to say. I wish I could ask them, are you hurt or are you ok? But no matter how hurt they get, they stand tall and show how important our world is to them. I wish I could have asked my brother how it was and what to do. But now he is gone, he is no longer there. Oh, I loved him so, I wish I could have asked him everything before that awful day. The day I got my call from the leader of the soldiers. I wished I had died that awful day. Even though I miss him, I will never forget that one special thing, his spirit running wild and free. But it is no longer free, it's trapped on that land. I wish I could have told the President how it made me feel and how lost I was without my one big brother. It haunts me to this very day, even though he only died that one week ago. I wish the people at war the best of luck and I wish they will make a good choice not to fight in another war.

I hope I made you think of how awful some people feel about who they are losing.

This is cloud1wdm, signing off.
Bye Whyville.


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