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A Piece of Taste

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"Healthy, Delicious, Good For Kids; Try Our New, Honey Coated Squids...." Yum! Ahoy, BabyPowdr here, with the dish on the delish. Okay, that was corny, but oh well, it got the point across, did it not? So, now, on to the appetizer:

This is not going to be funny like the last article. Thank you to anyone who read and liked it, those of you who wrote on the BBS about it, and those who chuckled and laughed their ways through it. I thought it was a hoot, too. I don't normally write like that, because even if that is the way I act in real life, we've been taught NOT to write like that. I know that I am not at all professional and sophisticated when I write anyways, but I usually think of it as wrong to write like I did that last article. I wrote that back in, like, December, by the way.

It's not that I never write, I just write a lot, and have submitted few, because I have a horrible, horrible, heart-wrenching disease. Uh huh, that's right. Laziness. *Stares point blank and nods head seriously.* I don't think before I write. Such as this article. Here it is, Wednesday night, and I am whipping up a new batch of my delicious ideas. Entrez-pour la creme de la creme....

That last piece was about taste, and yes, this one is too. This one, however, is about the taste of Whyville's new coat. Nope, I wasn't tasting the paints at Ceramics again, I was tasting the "new" Whyville. I honestly can say, I like it. I am serious. No complaints, yet. So, how much have I eaten? Well, here's a list I composed of the foods I have tried on Whyville. LoL, I am a pig, I know!

  1. apple cinnamon danish
  2. apples
  3. basil
  4. BBQ sauce
  5. beef stew
  6. bottled water
  7. butter
  8. chamomile tea
  9. cheddar cheese
  10. cheeseburger
  11. cheese cake
  12. chewing gum
  13. chocolate chip cookies
  14. cola
  15. elk
  16. french fries
  17. fried shrimp
  18. fruit
  19. fruit cake
  20. granola
  21. grape pop
  22. ham
  23. hot dog
  24. marshmallows
  25. oats
  26. onion rings
  27. orange pop
  28. pasta
  29. root beer
  30. salt
  31. scrambled eggs
  32. seaweed
  33. spam
  34. sunflower seeds
  35. tap water
  36. tea
  37. tofu
  38. turnips
  39. vanilla ice cream
  40. vinegar
  41. water

And I think ketchup and mustard and relish were others I tried. Maybe they didn't work, I don't remember. My favourites are the oats and seaweed... though the butter isn't bad. Righttt.

Obviously the food has a taste, but I was thinking with this food thing, there goes another kind of taste. That of good taste or bad taste. Do you have good taste or bad taste? I have seen many people with bad taste. You say "eat (insert food item name)" to eat, right? That goes without saying. But why would you insert not a food item name, but another name? Names for things that do not need to be discussed on Whyville when there are many kids on this site. KIDS. People, come on! You're not even all that old yourselves. Personally, I do not appreciate 11 year olds saying to eat some pretty wrong things. Have some judgement, please! We don't need to see that on Whyville, ever, no matter how old you are.

Speaking of "new", I'd like to introduce my friend, Kyelle, who designs parts for my stores. She is going to add her two cents to this article on taste.

    Hello, this is Kyelle, and I wanted to write about the new Akbar's system. I love it, I really do, and I agree with your reasons, but... What do you mean the body is "too tall"? I copied the outline of a previously-made body, filled it in with my own design, and took a good hour of my life that I'll never get back doing it. And then, I find out it is "too tall". Why? What does height matter? Not everyone is all 5'5". You want individuality, and yet, we all have to have the same dimensions? Does this sound fair? I really want to know what height matters. I mean, if the body is too long, the bottom gets cut off, no biggie. *Sighhh...*

    Thank you, BabyPowdr, for including me in your article.

    Editor's Note: Akbar tells me he is working on templates which will help designers with issues like this. Huzzah!

Thank you for writing, Kyelle. And speaking of Akbar's and the fact that Kyelle copied a outline, does this seem fair? Is she plagiarizing someone's work? I guess not, in a sense, but was it tasteful of her to copy? I have no opinion on this matter, just suggesting it. So, moving on to seconds...

Coke, aka Coca Cola, was copyrighted somewhere in between 1880 and 1900. Pepsi came in somewhere after that. That's for those people who were asking... I just felt like letting you know.

Some people have told me that my article was a waste of paper space and a waste of time. I say to those people who thought that, it is not their choice or mine what gets published, and it is not my choice or the Editor's if you wish to read the article in question. I merely write for the fun of it. Even if it is a fall-asleep boring essay, it is fun to write things that convey your own formed opinions. I was just trying to let people know how I feel about marketing. The piece you're reading is more about human judgment.

Also, if you think about it, how many people have written pee-your-pants-funny articles about something they really care about? Not many, and I can say that I have caused a few accidents while letting the population of Whyville and a few people from school, read just what it is that I believe. Who's up for dessert?

The best part of some meals is the dessert. I want to tell you about a dessert that'll maybe disgust you, maybe intrigue you, and maybe, just maybe, cause you to eat it. Folks, I'm talking about the deep-fried Twinkie. Yummy!

I love Twinkies, I love deep fryers, and so I think I will love this. Okay, where'd anyone get this oddball idea? I don't know. Something about a fish joint that had a man working there that dipped a Twinkie into the fish batter, deep fried it, and ate it. He loved it, then he began serving it. Some New York Times food reviewer went to this place and ate a Twinkie, loved it, and raved about it in The New York Times. So it became known. Someone had the idea to sell it at state fairs and county fairs. They sold for $3 American. Each. Yes. $3. For one Twinkie. I know!

So... who gets the bright idea to deep fry a Twinkie at the arena's snack booth's deep frier? Moi, of course. One friend can make the batter, another can cook her up for me, and I will eat it. Neat how some concoction some looney guy comes up with becomes a fair food, and a fair one at that. (Hahaha!) So, go on, try it!!!

Midnight snack? Errr... any left-overs? Not that I am aware of. Hmmm, I think I need to sleep this meal off.

Zzz -- me conked out on couch.


Editor's Note: Yeowza! I wonder how many days' worth of fat is in that uber-Twinkie of yours, BabyPowdr! Anybody want to learn how to test caloric content, and experiment with it on this?


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