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In Defense of Oldies

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Yes, I am an oldie. I have registered with whyville about 1+ years ago. I have played all the games, done all the shopping and left Whyville for a while. Now I come back and what do I discover? Oldies and newbies fighting.

This always happened before and always will. But let me clear this up for the newbies so they see our point of view. When someone enters a room and is asking you for some "clams", most oldies decline. Some people might say that refusing newbies clams, is not nice but my opinion differs.

If any of you reading were to walk down the street and all of a sudden someone walks up to you and asks you for money, would you give it to them? Probably not, I think! Unless it was a life/death situation. Whyville is different: there are no life and death situations. It's an educational game. Nowadays, newbies can get a lot of money once they start playing.

And to all of you "newbies", don't go to chatrooms asking for clams. Earn them! We (the oldies) earned them and it should be no different for you guys.


p.s. I speak from my opinion on the Whyville world. Not all oldies share the same opinion.


Editor's Note: An intriguing point, theturok! Why does Whyville work this way? Is it better or worse to give someone money in Whyville rather than in the real world? Isn't it easier to teach people how to make a good salary in Whyville? Why isn't that true in the real world -- or is it? Hmm...


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