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Second Life, or Just Some Site?

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When my friend, s3cr3t666, introduced me to "Whyville", I was a little hesitant at first.

The first thing I was told about this 'Sacred Site' was that you "pick your nose" or "make a face". This gave me quite a shock. The very first thing that raced through my mind was, "A site about plastic surgery?", but those were the days when I was young and naive. And just now I am realizing... I'm addicted!

First, I turn on my computer: Wow! A picture of me on Whyville is on my background! Then I open the internet. Can you guess what my homepage is? Whyville! Then I update my webpage. "Hmm... I guess I should change the pics of my friends... THEY HAVE CHANGED THEIR FACES!"

Some might call me an addict, some might call me downright sick, but I think you (yes, I'm pointing at you!) can relate to this in some way!

Have you ever gone a day without Whyville and survived? I did -- barely!

"Back to reality" is a phrase you see throughout Whyville among the citizens. What does this really mean? Well, I see it as back to your phony reality. I'm not saying this in a bad way, but when you think about it, Whyville is like our lives, but 'unreal' or 'phony'.

Think about it. Whyville: When you aren't getting enough clams, you gotta make more... when you don't know how to beat a level, you have to LEARN MORE about the subject until you master it! Then, when you finally make more clams, you have to wait or save up your clams until you can afford what you want to buy!

"Real Reality": When you aren't getting enough money, you gotta make more... when you don't have the skills to get a job, you have to LEARN MORE skills to get the job you want! Then, when you finally make more money, you have to save up until you can afford what you need to buy.

So, if the question ever came up, "Which "reality" would you choose?" you would automatically say "Real Reality", right? Well, think about it. When you are on Whyville, you can 'hide out' from, well, life. Have you ever gotten so
angry that you just want to punch the lights out of everything in front of your face? And then you log on and, "voila!" your Aanger, Problems, Everything is washed away like last night's dinner dishes, and your SECOND LIFE starts. The one where you live in Boston, Massachusetts; you have blond hair and blue eyes; a scholarship to Harvard, the best spot on the high school cheerleading team, and you have the biggest house in the surrounding country, (well, you might not have gone THAT far)... but do you get what I'm trying to get across?

Please take the time to answer this quiz.

It's Saturday night, your 'rents are away with your annoying little brother and you have the house to yourself. You:

a) Immediately log on to Whyville
b) Call over a close friend and go on Whyville (it's always better with two!)
c) Veg on the couch and watch TV.
d) Call a bunch of peeps and make plans! (The night is young!)

Your friend is having a major party! It takes place in her huge den, which is complete with a computer with internet connection. You:

a) Log on! Who cares? The party won't miss me!
b) Ask your friend if she minds if you just "check your y-mail".
c) Just move to the groove.
d) Hang with your buds! A party is meant to be with friends!

You have to sleep over at your Grandparents' house that has no internet! That means NO WHYVILLE! You:

a) Break down and cry!
b) Get really upset! No salary today...or tomorrow...!!
c) Make the most of it! You're only there for 3 days!
d) Start knitting a scarf with Grandma!

You start conversations by:

a) Referring to how great the other person's Whyville person is!
b) Asking, "Do you think you could raise my salary?"
c) The normal, "'Sup? You on Whyville?"
d) Yo...

If you answered MOSTLY A's: You're a Whyville-aholic! I think you should take a week off and smell the roses! Or the chocolate chip cookies you COULD be baking in your free time!

MOSTLY B's: You're practically Obsessed! I prescribe a couple of days offline. You might even be able to catch the attention of that total babe in history class!

MOSTLY C's: You are cool on Whyville and off -- not too big on Whyville, you would rather be online elsewhere chatting.

MOSLTY D's: I think you are either really new to Whyville or don't know about it! START PLAYING NOW!

What's the best answer? You tell me!

Thanks for your time!
Qwert2004 -- signing off.


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