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Concerned citizens speak out

by Chirk
           Deal Finder

Hello Whyville! We have Akbar's, we have the Furniture Farm, and we have the Trading Post! Now, I don't know how many people actually go to the Post, but for those who don't like "second hand shop" you really should go to the Trading Post.

And that is for a number of reasons. The 'Post is an excellent source of quality items for a lesser price. I know. I just put up a body, a couple of noses. I plan to put up more! You Whyvillians are smart enough to settle for a second hand body or hair-do, I mean, it's just the same hair, for less!

So to all of Whyville, I say, visit the Post every once and a while. I from experience, have always gotten my items sent back! so have lots of other Whyvillians, because of one simple reason: No one visits the Post!

In conclusion, this is just a tip of advice, if you really think about it. Go for the bargain! Help out your fellow Whyvillian!

So for now, I will leave you with just one question: Why would you pay more for an item you could get cheaper?


by jalexa16
   Community Activist

How to Snazz Up Your Block

Is your town booooring? I will tell you what to do. What you are hearing is a true story!

I was sitting on the porch, thinking how bored I was, when I thought, well, if Whyville has a newspaper, why can't we??? I ran up to tell Mania, my sister.

So, we have started not ONLY a local newspaper that is now a huge success throughout the block, but we have a brand new club in our garage!!!

We ask the members of our club to submit articles for our newspaper, and so we have artwork, poems, stories, journals, etc....

I hope you try this idea, get with some friends and start!!!


      Thinking Citizen

Is Whyville Similar to Earth?

Dear Fellow Whyvillians,
Did you ever think that Whyville was ever like the real world? I think that Whyville is similar in some ways. Like, there is Akabar's clothes store and the taxi cab. But there are also some odd things about Whyville, like our houses and the Underground Disco. City Hall tries to make Whyville similar to the real world, and I think she and her helpers are doing a great job of it. They have so many similar things to try to make us feel at home.



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