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Stop Complaining!

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Hey, it's pinkppls here once again,

I walked into... well... flew into the City Hall petition room recently and I was shocked at some of the things people have petitioned about!

Whole Bodies:  If we had whole bodies, we'd need bigger chat rooms and it would make Whyville slower because it has to load more images for every person.

Make out rooms:  This is meant to be an educational, fun site; sure you can decide to get married and have a Whyville bf/gf, but come on! You're gonna make out with another cartoon face?

1000 clams to every person when they join:  That's half of the fun gone! This is meant to be something you work for, that you earn and you're grateful for, rather than have silver-platter handed to you so you can have easy fun.  Whyville is teaching you a lesson in life, that nothing just comes for free.

More Chat Rooms:  Ahh... duh! That's what they're working on. If more of us bought Why-passes, then you could have lots of those things.

Lesser cost to join Club Why: Have you guys read the reason you join Club Why?  It's to support the town -- if you don't have enough will-power to save up to support this great town, I don't think you care that much!

Free Plots For Newbies:  If you think I'm a newbie then go ahead, but I haven't got a plot yet and you're saying that they should give FREE ones to people because they don't have the will-power to wait? We are all treated equal on Whyville, young or old, ok?

A Casino like Las Vegas: This isn't an adult website, is it? No, it's for kids and it's illegal to gamble when you're underage... and basically everyone on this website is. Plus, Whyville would need a license to have gambling on here and that costs money that could be used for making more chat rooms.

We want a church: Because Whyville is a world wide website it can't have just one church -- that would be unfair to all the other religions.

Whyville Movie Theatre: Umm... how can I say this? Oh, yeah, what movies are you going to watch? If Whyville has to buy rights to get movies shown on the website, then it won't have money for other things.

Face Factory open on weekends: Akbar has already told you about why he doesn't have the Face Factory open on weekends! Would you like it if you had to work on Sundays and Saturdays? When does Akbar get a break from his job? When does he get to go to the theme park or visit his brother in Paris? Please! Just wait until Monday to make parts.

Refund of Club Why: I have already said that Club Why is for people that want to support this town.  If you want your money back, you obviously don't want to support it.

Please, think before you petition, and make your posts worthwhile reading!




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