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Slave for the Media

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Every week I try to make it to the MediaHour, because I believe that we can learn a lot from this one-hour colloquy. Since it was first established, I have engrossed myself in the chats... and could easily run off a long list of the things I have learned from it.  You would be mistaken if you think that the MediaHour is hardcore facts, like what you learn in school... because it is not. However, it is an exemplary way to express your opinions on several issues.

Do you have something you would like to express on the war in Iraq? Did you watch the show-of-the-week and feel like something was left out? Did you agree or disagree with a part of the show? It does not take much effort -- turn on your TV -- and you might be surprised by what you can learn.

However, despite the conversations, recently the MediaHour has met certain obstacles. Many people come to be a disturbance rather than participate in the conversation. Either they stuff the chat-room with nonsense comments, or they spend their time asking the City Workers frivolous questions. Do not get me wrong, though, because there are several people who show up every week ready to speak out.  If you are one of them, keep it up!

Should the MediaHour move to a different location? Of course, and a smaller, less popular chatting space would be an excellent hideout, I believe. Club Why could be an admirable choice, except for the fact that not *everyone* can be involved, since it takes a clam-fee to be allowed to enter the chatting space.  City Hall could work! The Why House could have been a solution, but that, it seems, has mysteriously disappeared.

The idea that was suggested about the BBS could work and have many benefits. Although I do not feel very strongly about BBS (many people can use them out of context, as I have seen happening throughout the Times), a moderator could help solve problems. On the other hand, the MediaWiz's articles could be posted in the room *and* in the Whyville Times... making it much easier to read up on the different shows.

Who said that Media only involved the television? Why can't we have more books, CDs, magazines, or newspaper reviews?  If there is an important article in a weekly magazine, perhaps citizens can pick it up, read it, and talk about what they thought.  If that it too much work, we could quite possibly extend it to have a book review one month, a magazine review the next, and a CD review the month following.

A slave for the Media... of course! What would we do without it?

I'm Not Your First,

Editor's Note:  Actually, the MediaWiz plans on doing a monthly book hour for the MediaHour discussions.  And the Times always welcomes quality review articles!


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