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Hello Whyvillians!

First things first -- the Beta Room in Club Why has its first game in a long, long time.  Go join up and explore Whyville's first multiplayer board game, Mancala.  And don't forget to let us know what works and what doesn't!

Now, over the past week, I have perused all of the poetry submissions sent in for the honor of becoming Whyville's Poet Laureate. From the selection, I have handpicked the more outstanding poems and poets for this week's issue of the Times.  These artists are now considered to be finalists in the contest.  They include: Wwwhgrl, 2Wild, qwert2004, kirbie393, Wildfire9, and Giggler01.

Now, we ask the rest of Whyville to exercise their voice, not in poetry, but through the vote.  A combination of the Times Staff votes and the Whyvillian votes will determine this year's Poet Laureate.  To vote for a poet, please follow the instructions listed below:

    Send a blank email to times@whyville.net with the following in the subject line:

        SUBJECT: Y-Poetry Vote: <your username> FOR <Whyville poet>

       For example,

        SUBJECT: Y-Poetry Vote: Bigfoot FOR MediaWiz

Only vote ONCE.  If multiple votes are received from the same Whyvillian, the votes will be discarded.  All votes must be in by Thursday, May 1, 2003 Whyville Time 11:59pm.  So follow directions and don't lose your vote!

I highly encourage all of you to take some time to read the great creative works by your fellow Whyvillians, write some yourself, and even submit it to the Times!

In addition: April is quickly closing and we at the Times are still waiting for articles about poetry!  Topics include biographies, analytical structures, historical significance, and so on.  We urge our readers to participate in National Poetry Month here at Whyville with your insightful perspectives on one of the most important forms of literature in the world.


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