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Interview with a Fashion Designer

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Interview with a Fashion Designer

by bluishy
Fashion Writer

Hello, this is bluishy, bringing you tips and thoughts from Alicia, the fashion designer artist.

Have you ever wanted to make something at Akbar's but you weren't really sure what size to use, and you were afraid of wasting your clams?

If not, when you were making it, have you ever wondered if the famous fashion artists have any trouble making these face parts too? I sure have. In this article I will try to make creating items at Akbars' 100 times easier!

Bluishy: What face parts have you made?
Alicia: Clothes, tattoos, and hair.
Bluishy: What size would you recommend for making hair?
Alicia: Size 4.
Bluishy: How about clothes?
Alicia: Also size 4.
Bluishy: What size do you use for tattoos or earrings?
Alicia: The smallest one, size 1.
Bluishy: What would you say was your best piece of work?
Alicia: I would have to say my fubu shirt.
Bluishy: Did it sell well?
Alicia: Yes, first day, it was sold out.
Bluishy: How long did it take for you to make it?
Alicia: About 5 minutes.
Bluishy: Was it frustrating to get things the way you wanted?
Alicia: No, it wasn't.
Bluishy: How many clams did you earn with that fubu shirt?
Alicia: Well, I made 10 and sold 40 each, so I got 400 clams.
Bluishy: Wow!

Here is a review of what sizes you should use:

  • Clothes -- Size 4
  • Hair -- Size 4
  • Tattoos/Earrings -- Size 1

So that was it, my interview with Alicia, I hope you liked it and it helped you gain more confidence in making face parts at Akbars'. This was bluishy, bringing you tips and thoughts from Alicia, the Fashion Designer Artist.

Editor's Note: Akbar just implemented an upgrade in his FaceMaker system, adding tools to help you further improve your designs!



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