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Going Whyville Crazy

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Hey fellow Whyvillians !! Have you gone crazy over Whyville because it is so great ? I know I have -- Whyville is awesome.

Here are some signs that you have gone Whyville crazy...

1. You go to a mall near your house and ask customer service, " Do you have an Akbar's?"
2. You write your Whyville screen name on test papers at school.
3. You make a replica of the Sportplatz in your backyard.
4. When someone says hi, you reply "A/S/L".
5. You phone a real estate company and ask, " Do you have any plots left?"
6. You start calling the American dollar, "The American Clam".
7. You ask your basketball coach if you can have a "Whyville Break".
8. You start calling Hotmail y-mail.
9. At the start of the school year, when your teacher asks for classroom rules and guidelines, you suggest, "Never give out your password!!"
10. At recess you say, "Let's play with projectiles!"

As you read this, you were probably thinking, "Maybe I should cut down."  My message to all of you is, it's perfectly normal. When there is a community this fun and educational, you should be going crazy over it. I know I have.

Have fun!! Be excellent to others!

This is buchy09, signing off....


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