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Dear Whyvillians,

Imagine you're going to be out of the country ALONE for a month. An entire month for you to go around to different cities, completely oblivious of the culture, the language... everything! Imagine you're leaving this week, heading to San Francisco to get on a plane, stopping in England for a layover, and then going to Germany! And from Germany you'll go to Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic... a TON of countries... a TON of cities, including ever infamous Krakow! Imagine that. Imagine you don't just have to imagine it.

Well, I don't have to imagine it. Yep. For the next month, I'm going to be gone! Out of the country, on my own, traveling around Europe. And you know what? I'm terrified. TERRIFIED. Scared out of my mind wondering what's going to happen, where I'm going to go, what I'm going to do. Crossing my fingers hoping I don't eat something later identified as "fried horse". When I was 13, we took a family vacation where I was tricked into eating something. I did not know what it was, but was later informed I was eating escargot. SNAILS! Those little things you find in a garden sometimes!!

To be honest, traveling scares me. Planes. Airports. Hotels. Everything scares me about traveling. Not just the fact that the country I live in (America) was unfortunately visited by a terrorist group two years ago... but planes. Imagine it. You're in a metal thing, hurtling through the air at 200 miles per hour. Doesn't that freak you out just a little bit? Well, it definitely freaks me out! Airports freak me out because of all this news I've heard about lately... that they pull all your stuff out of your suitcases and look through it just to make sure you can go on the plane.

Sigh. I'm only 16. Sixteen years old. Going out on my own to travel around foreign countries. I can't even speak German! I can't speak anything but English!! I can barely speak French (or should I say Freedom... hehe), and I can say hello in Spanish??? but other than that, I'm on my own! Can you even begin to imagine that? Running around on your own at the age of sixteen, not being able to communicate with anybody!?

This is my goodbye letter. A month of me away from Whyville... not being able to collect any clams (LoL) or play the newly-featured game Mancala. Not being able to talk to my friends, or even my family unless I call them. Not being able to watch Friends every Thursday, or turn on my playlist on my computer and sing along. Not being able to sleep in my own bed or even see my pets.

I may be missing out on things that I can do at home, but I'll be doing so much more. If anyone wants to find out how I survived, if I survive -- Y-mail me and maybe I'll update ya'll when I get back. As for now, this is GrriesYEA. Inexperienced traveler extraordinaire!


(Let's just hope I find people to translate for me!)


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