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Campaign for a Cleaner Whyville

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You're probably thinking this is some stupid article that you have no interest in and there's no point in reading it. Well, there is. And there's a reward. Please continue to read:

I've been "on Whyville" since 2000, but I haven't used my account as much as I used to recently. I feel as if I can't use it safely. If you haven't already figured this out, this is a Campaign for a Cleaner Whyville (or CFACW, for short). I'm not talking about litter or trash. I'm talking about the dirty clothes, language, and other stuff.

Maybe your parents don't care. Maybe they use it too. Why, though? You can go to the city records and it's amazing how many people got on once and never got on again. I mean, maybe it was becuase they forgot their password, but think a little broader... think strict parents, young kids, etc. I know I'm not the only one out there who has to practically have 2 webpages up at once so when a parent walks in we can look like we're just searching on Yahoo.

I mean, come on! Why should a few words scare kids away? Some kids have to show their parents where they are going online. When you're on Whyville, you should pretend as though your parent is right next to you. I know you're probably thinking, this isn't fair... but do you want friends on Whyville? Cussing can scare away many from Whyville, including me. It's already scared away one of my friends who every day tells me I should stop going on here. Someone said a cuss word and her mom saw it. It wasn't just funny anymore, was it?

Think about it... can you give up cussing, dirty usernames and dirty clothes? I'm using the honor system here, and I will be watching you and so is the Person upstairs.

Write a whymail to GaPgRl, telling me that you can give up these things and I will send you ten clams. FOR REAL! Please, become a member of CFACW and you will see a change.

This is GaPgRl signing off, and remember, I'm trusting YOU to be a good Whyvillian.


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