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When I first joined Whyville, it was because I wanted to be a different person, and try new things. At first, it was great! But now, I want to quit. Not because I don't like it! Whyville is a great site. I want to quit because of the people. Most of the people that I meet on Whyville are so cruel nowadays, there's no use signing on anymore, because people say rude things.

I go into chat rooms, and I don't say a word. Then all of a sudden I will get a whisper, and it will say something like, "You're ugly," or "What are you trying to be? A retard?" And that puts me down. For all of the other people that get those messages, they probably put you down, too. It just bugs me that people judge on looks before they even get to talk to people at all.

Whoever, or whatever you see on Whyville, is not the true person behind the screen. You should take the time to get to know them. For those of you that are so cruel as to say those kinds of things, you could push somebody as far as suicide, because they may feel that they aren't good enough for the world. And if you see a death in the paper of somebody killing themselves, how do you know that the reason they did that isn't because of you? You don't know the person, so you have no right to judge them.

Some people come on Whyville because they aren't liked at school, and they feel that they can be a different person on Whyville, because they will be liked. But when people are so inconsiderate as to say things like what you say, it is just wrong! Get to know them before you judge them on clothes, looks, or words.

So, be considerate -- not to the character on the screen, but to the PERSON that's behind it.

Please think before you type.



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