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I'm sure that if you've been a citizen of Whyville for any period of time, you've been touched by rudeness. Maybe someone has been rude to you, or maybe you've read one of the many articles in the Whyville Times that talks about rudeness. But today, I am not here to talk about rudeness, but instead Whyville's newest game.

I'm sure that all the Club Why members out there have played this new game. Every time I go in, no matter what the hour, there are at least a handful of people playing. And soon this game will appear in the Ability First Rec Room, so that citizens who haven't joined Club Why can play. If you'd like to know more about this game, you can read Lilbeaut's article from last week, entitled "New Game Mancala, What's The Scoop?".

Time and time again, I've heard people complaining about how Whyville needs a new game. And I would like to express my gratitude to City Hall and all of her workers for creating this game. It is in fact the first official multiplayer game on Whyville. This means that you are actually playing against someone else. And of course, when two people are playing a game, there has to be a winner.

When I first found out about the fact that Mancala was multiplayer, I could just see the rudeness being issued in. It's a fact of life that some people take competition too seriously. I could see it perfectly, people screaming because they lost, complaining because they didn't win. I even thought there was a possibility that people would find one way or another of accusing people of cheating. But, I stand here today, corrected, and somewhat appalled.

I have played Mancala against maybe 20 different people in the last two days. I have watched other people play. And not once have I seen any display of rudeness. In fact, I have seen quite the opposite. No matter who's playing, people will finish by saying "Good game" or "Congrats", and then playing again. And what a welcome change this is to Whyville!

I hope that when this game finds its way to Ability First Rec Room, these habits will continue, not only in Mancala, but also at the Beach, Pool Party and the Playground. And I hope everyone welcomes these manners with open arms and sees that Whyville really can bring us together.

(Speechmaker extraordinaire)


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