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Hey everyone, Nipster here.

You know what, Whyville? I have to thank you for putting science into your games. It has helped me so much this grade 10 year for my science class. How? Physics, of course.

I did the spinning games and of course, me being the curious person I am, I wanted to find out what was involved in getting them to spin really fast. I read some stuff posted in Whyville and found out that it used physics. So I looked up physics online and even got some equations. It helped me understand the physics of motion, which lead to me being pretty good at the spinning games.

I never knew that something I learned on Whyville would ever apply to my everyday life, but it has. Here I am, sitting in a grade 10 science class using the knowledge I have gained from Whyville and answering the teacher... correctly! My teacher has asked where I have learned this and I give all of my credit to Whyville for sparking my interest in trying to understand the games to enjoy them better.

Knowing physics before it was needed at school helped me so much. I now participate in class because I understand what is going on, and because of that, my self-esteem has been on the rise. Thank you, Whyville, you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.



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