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Y-Helping: What It's All About (Part 2)

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I am back, and encourage you to take a look at my first installment of this article. I still have many more Y-Helping-related topics to cover; hoping that we Y-Helpers will be less stressed by answering the same questions repeatedly. Many of you citizens are unaware of what exactly is the job of a Y-Helper....

What isn't involved with a Y-Helpers job?

If you are hacked, fined, or any of that jazz -- a Y-Helper has no control over getting your account back or un-fining you. That is the job of City Hall or City Management, and often, the two are mistaken. I do understand how you would think we have this power, because when you reply to a message from City Hall, you come to us.

In addition, it is not mandatory for Y-Helpers to give out clams. It may be true that some of us do it out of the goodness of our hearts to help new citizens who have just arrived in Whyville, but not all do it. Many of them want you to earn clams yourself, which is in itself a good thing, so don't get in an uproar if any of us decline your demand for clams.

What is involved with a Y-Helpers job?

Do you need help with some of the games that help you earn your salary? Do you have any technical problems? Are you in need of a friend? If so, then Y-Helpers are just the people for you! I am not sure about every single Y-Helper, but if you are experiencing technical difficulties on Whyville, then I will direct you to someone who can help -- which, in most cases, is City Management. If you need to know about important dates, the occurrences on Whyville, special events, etc., then we can help you there too. We are not your personal punching bag -- if you do not like Whyville, then please either tell your problems to someone else or don't say them at all!

What should I do if I can't become a Y-Helper?

If you don't fit the requirements, then I suggest you wait, or keep working on your salary. You know, you don't need to be a Y-Helper to be useful in Whyville! Helping out on your own, starting clubs interested in the welfare of new citizens, etc. is an excellent way to show that you care.

Falling Down,



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