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FlyGurl89 here, with another article! As I strive to win over some title in the paper, and to come up with things to write about, I thought I would explore what it takes to become a Y-Helper. Since I would like to become one and don't know how, I'm hoping I can write this and maybe a kind citizen or maybe a Y-Worker could respond to help me out!

Today is Mother's Day, and although, I'm not writing about it, Y-Helpers and Mother's Day seem to have at least one visible thing in common. On Mother's Day, you should be helping your mom out, caring about her! And Y-Helpers do that, too -- they help out people in need, in Whyville. Although why-helping is not completely the same, helping either way makes a difference!

Whyville is a site, useful for many different things. And helping is something we should all try to do. Many people each day join our wonderful town. Helping them with something as little as advice, or an old face part you don't want anymore, or even giving a new-comer something like clams, would be a great step towards helping us all.

Think back to when you were a "Newbie", a newcomer, did some one help you out? By giving you advice, a face part, or a spot in your group of friends? If they did, imagine all of the people who join, who would get soo much out of that. You would not only feel better about yourself, but you would make the person happy to have made the fantastic choice to join Whyville! =D If you didn't get the chance to be helped out when you first joined, imagine how much you would have appreciated it. And if you cant relate with any of this, just understand that helping is good, any day, any way, and any how.

If you're really into Helping like me, you might want to try to be a Y-Helper, like I'm trying to become. But remember: You don't have to be a Y-Helper to help someone out! :)

Hoping to get some help myself with advice to become a Y-Helper,

Editor's Note: I've set Bigfoot Bill on a mission to write up a tell-all article about how to become a Y-Helper (and a City Worker, and so on). We hope to hear from him soon -- possibly even in this edition of the Times!


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