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She got up every morning around five o' clock. So did her other eight brothers and sisters. They grabbed their sickles and chopped done the wheat and bundled it up and put it in their father's horse carriage so her father could take it to town that afternoon. Around one o'clock in the morning she milked the cows and walked three miles to the store so she could sell it...

OK I will not bore you any more with this story.  But when I took a poll, 100% of the people I asked about this story say that their lives are nothing like it. That is because now we have a lot of technology that means most of us don't have to do this work. I mean, who would want to do this? But because of this truth, a growing percentage of people in places like the U.S. and Canada are overweight. This can lead to heart attack, strokes, diabetes, etc.

So, how can you just get into shape?

I exercise just about everyday. But I have to confess, it's not to stay healthy... I just want to look good. Some of you may also want to look good, but exercise can be so boring!!! Well, that's what you think -- here are some ways to make exercise better.

1. Put on some music. It has to be something upbeat or loud. You should always put something on that makes you want to get up and run around and scream like crazy. Never pick a slow song, because your heart beat will slow down more and you will not have as much energy . Burn a CD that gets you up and running. I have one -- mine includes stuff such as Incubus, Linkin Park, Nine Inch Nails, Korn, Nirvana, Christina Augulira, Shakira, etc.

2. Don't think exercise is just running and push ups. Exercise can be anything from running to dancing!!! All it is is moving around. In fact there was an earlier article about belly dancing as a form of losing weight.

3. There is always the old fashion way. You can always do sit ups and run. I do 100 side sit ups each side and 50 regular sit ups and I'm getting some abs. I also lift some weights. I'm around 120 but I look ten pounds less, because even though muscle weighs more than fat, it looks a lot better

4. Most important. DRINK WATER. Drinking water can make you lose up to ten pounds. Nobody really realizes how much this helps. I lost 10 pounds by drinking water consistently.

- Rocacola


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