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Lipstick History

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Did you ever wonder about lipstick? Well, maybe not, but I did! I hope you find this interesting, I've put together a timeline about liptstick, starting in the '50s, going until now. Enjoy.

1952: (The war has ended!) Revlon had the first big media lipstick advertising in their campaign, "Fire & Ice." Since then, I have rarely opened up a magazine without tons of lipstick ads.

1957: Lipline by Gala is the first lip stick in a tube! Before they used to have to brush it on, kind of like paint! Talk about wasting time! It took women about twenty minutes to paint their lips.

1958: Max Factor says, "A woman who doesn't wear lipstick feels undressed in public. Unless she works on a farm." Talk about pressure. Now every woman buys tons more lipstick, because she would never want to feel undressed!

1959: In the Marilyn Monroe movie, "Some Like it Hot", almost all the woman are wearing bright lipstick, creating a new fad.

1964: (This is an era where woman wanted to break from traditional beauty.) White lipstick becomes huge! Lots of woman are wearing it, and personally, I'd hate to see how that looks!

1966: Mary Quant starts selling makeup usually used for makeup artists. She declares heavy lipstick "out" and pale gloss "in." And so, pale glosses become extremely popular.

1972: (In the 1970s, woman are willing to try all-new things.) Tons of woman who are "liberators" vow not to wear lipstick. No matter how liberated I get, I will never give up my lip beauty!

1973: The famous Bonne Bell comes out with lipglosses the smell and taste great. With so many Bonne Bell products today, you're probably wondering what they had then. Well, all they had were those little lip glosses in a tube with flavors like, Grape Jelly, Strawberry, and Dr. Pepper. Now, teenage girls aren't interested in that exact Bonne Bell product as much, and like some of their other things with more color better. But then, it was odd to every see a teenager girl without a Watermelon lip gloss in her pocket!

1975: Disco is just the thing, causing tons of people to wear fuscia gloss, because of its glowing effect on the dance floor.

1977: Hello punk, here we come! For those who listen, which isn't everybody, black lipstick is the all new rage.

1982: (In the 1980s, lots of women wanted to be thought of as rebels.) The "Wake Me Up Before You Go" music video by Wham starts the trend of fluorescent lip colors.

1986: Madonna says her favorite lip color is M-A-C's Russian Red, and everyone starts buying it! Ever notice how when a celebrity declares something, everyone starts buying it. Is it still like that now?

1987: The band Poison had light lip glosses on their heavy metal boys! How odd. I just can't imagine a rocker screaming and jumping all over the stage with lip gloss on. Anywho....

1994: (In the 1990s, woman activists loved lipstick as a passage of expression.) M-A-C launches the shade Viva Glam, and donates all the money made from that to help fight AIDS.

1996: Lip stains become more popular than just plain old lipstick. In case you don't know a lipstain, is where you put lipstick on, and almost take it all off with a paper towel, just leaving the color, but not the obvious glossiness.

1999: There are finally lipsticks so when your grandma kisses you, there won't be a big red stain!

Now, in the 2000's, what do you think are the biggest trends, fads, and something everyone should know! Put it on the BBS, I'd love to hear from you!

Hope I Helped,


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