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The Legend of Why-House

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Kirbie here. Hey, veterans, do you remember the Why House? That sweet, seemingly innocent house, that mysteriously vanished. If you do, I believe you will be interested to read more...


June 30th, 2002.
Dear diary,

Today I moved into my new house. Yes, the sweet little house atop the green hill, in the friendly town of Whyville. It is beautiful, but people seem to shy away from it. Is there something wrong with my new home? I hope to find out more...

August 14th, 2002.
Dear diary,

Something very strange came about today. I noticed more than ever that I have not had visitors in my Why House, as I have now dubbed it. That's not the worst part. When asked of it, people laughed maniacally, and whispered things to their friends. There cartoon faces could not show much expression, of course, but I'm sure they would have been smirking. One friend of mine, who wishes to remain nameless, says that the Why House is a joke, nobody likes it. How strange.

November 22nd, 2002.
Dear diary,

Alas! It has happened... they tore down my beautiful, friendly, lonely abode, three days and seven hours ago. It was a quiet happening, and nobody showed up to see. I am currently living in a sub-letted apartment, where I pay five clams a day for rent. I miss my home... and there is one more, horribly sad part. Today when I questioned as to why my Why House was destroyed, the City Worker sighed sadly and stared at the wreckage. "It is because of vanity," he replied finally. "It is because people took it for granted, and we have no room in our town for places like that." I was horribly sad, and horribly angry at the people who took this place for granted. But, I suppose, what's done is done.

Author's Note: These times and dates are not correct.


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