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The Strawberry Blonde Treatment

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In response to a recent article by Leogirl about hair care, I have some of my own adventures:

Everywhere I go, as much as I hate to admit it, I get complimented on my hair. I get compliments like, "I love your hair color!" or "Your hair looks really good!" or "Your hair is really smooth!!" Yes, I even have strangers TOUCH my hair. It's odd, but it's been that way forever, and I don't think it will stop anytime soon.

I am one of those girls with orange hair. Well, not really orange. It's called 'strawberry blonde'. Ever since I was a baby, I've been the one who just stood out a little because of my hair. I'm Irish, and that's what a lot of people say is a main factor in my hair color. My grandpa (whom I never met, unfortunately) had really bright orange hair naturally, and my mom had orange hair (she dyed it blonde). I don't know anyone in the world with the same color hair as mine, and believe me, I've had people try to find out. I've even had people ask me to go shopping with them to pick out the right color. Let's face it, dyeing your hair can be bad for your hair, but it sure can look good. Fact is, it damages your hair. So does blowdrying, and even my beloved, the hair straightener. Not that I need a hair straightener, but I'm tempted to use it sometimes, because there are always unruly strands of my hair that just curl the wrong ways.

Showers are important! Let's face it, you don't wanna walk around being dirty. But I've learned some things that are probably bad to do with your hair!

1) I've heard it's not necessarily a good thing to 'repeat'. I've heard repeating after you lather and rinse can dry out the scalp, and leave your hair dry and rough.
2) Scrubbing too hard can make your scalp irritated and itchy. Ow!
3) Dyeing your hair damages it! It can even thin hair in some cases. If you have a thick, full head of hair, then it's not going to make a big difference, but for those with thin hair, beware! (Haha I kind of rhymed!)
3) Blowdryers and straighteners do damage! They may help your hair be pretty, but hey, they do damage too! I've noticed that since I've been using my blowdryer almost every day, I've gotten split ends. Split ends are not good! No, sir!

On the shampoo and conditioner front -- I personally use Alberto V05. Not only is it specifically made to moisturize and smooth your hair, it comes in a wide variety of scents,. Mix and match, and personalize your shampoo. It'll leave your hair silky smooth and manageable!

As for the blowdrying front, I've learned that when I wrap my hair in a towel, and wait a while to let my hair dry out first, it cuts down on the time I need to blowdry, which in a way helps my hair from getting dried out, and it stays soft.

As for V05... they have a ton of different kinds of shampoo, for a low price. They have daily clarifying shampoo, and they have shampoo for blondes to keep your hair bright.  The special moisturizing shampoo that I use that contains soy milk, proteins, and coconut extracts, and it smells really good! The thing about V05 is that no matter what one you choose, your hair will come out smelling nice and looking good. Also, they don't test their products on animals!

The one I like most so far is Pina Colada. It is made to leave your hair shiny, and healthy. It says it doesn't leave anything behind, either.

Another tip I've learned from a few sources, is that when you put conditioner in, wrap your hair up, and keep it out of the water for a minute. The conditioner will soak in, hopefully, and leave your hair soft. Make sure to rinse out all of the conditioner. Don't go with the other myth I've heard: once, a long time ago, I heard from this magazine that by not washing out all of the conditioner, it makes your hair smoother. I tried it, and all I got was a bunch of soap bubbles in my hair brush, and stuff that looked like dandruff in my hair after I used the blowdryer.

Keep your hair clean, and wash behind your ears!!

Hair Insight,


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