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Hello, this is lilgrrl07. I joined Whyville on October 4th, 2001. I don't remember exactly when I quit; I think it was around March or April of 2002. Recently, I came back to Whyville to see what it was like after a year. I changed my face around a bit and I noticed some of Whyville was the same and some of Whyville had changed a lot.

First of all, there was the obvious things. Akbar's Face Mall had a new look. The map of Whyville also changed. The Whyville Times had a new look. You could also now see when people were whispering to each other. There were a few new places, but nothing horribly new and exciting for me. So, the outside appearance of Whyville was not a whole lot different.

I did notice some things had changed inside Whyville -- the "oldbie" and "newbie" issue was almost totally gone. I did notice, though, that people still weren't all that friendly and hung out in their groups. I really can't blame them, though, I know I even do it in school sometimes.

Also, less people seem interested in finding a date on Whyville, which is a relief. I haven't seen a single "single" sign yet. If you're really that desperate to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, please go to a dating agency, NOT Whyville.

I also noticed some people have started to name their face parts in Whyville things that have nothing to do with the part itself.  Sure, it may sound cool, but it makes it really hard to find what you're looking for. I also noticed lots of people are following the "Avril" trend, trying to be unique. It bugs me that it seems like they're trying to be unique, yet they're all doing the same thing.

Another thing I noticed is that people have stopped actually talking and just chat in whispers now. It's annoying because you can never join in on a conversation and usually end up just sitting there unless someone takes the initiative to talk to you.

After all of this I'm not really sure if I will stay on Whyville or not. I might just make up a new name and start over.


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