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The Webby Awards

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It may be true that I am somewhat observant, but it does not take a genius to see the notice on Whyville's welcome page. It seems as if Whyville has been nominated for an award -- a Webby Award, to be exact -- in the youth category.

I remember when Whyville gained more media attention, which created a positive ruckus and became news last summer. However, for one slight moment, I thought to myself, "Why does it matter if Whyville wins an award or not?" Within moments, I had come up with my own response, and if you were questioning as I did, perhaps you would like to read further.

Many of you have probably heard of the problems that Whyville had been having before the introduction of the Why-Passes, and you understand the financial debt that Whyville was experiencing for quite some time. You have read the articles about the City Worker's determination and heart, and you realize how Whyville needs the support of its citizens to expand and become better.

When you get a chance to obtain public attention -- whether it is from an article in the Los Angeles Times, or a Webby Award -- for a small website like Whyville, it means everything. It is optimism that someone will pay attention and show interest in aiding Whyville to grow and mature. Perhaps that one person is a potential sponsor, Investment Company, concerned parent... anything that would have a dramatic impact on the future of Whyville.

If Whyville does happen to win this award, things might be different -- we might notice modifications to our familiar website. Change that is for the better. If people realize that Whyville is such an important part of people's lives, so much that they would take the time and effort to vote for it, they might be willing to understand and provide relief. Assistance is something that is so much needed, and intensely appreciated.

Since I understand how much we need to support Whyville, and how much this website needs and deserves such a pristine recognition, I changed my mind about voting. I want to go back a few years down the line and sign into my account, see the familiar faces of Whyville and remember how much it taught and inspired me. Since I believed that Whyville is aiming for exceptional goals and genuinely cares about its citizens, I took the time and voted...

...and I am hoping that you will, too. It does not take that much time or effort, but the outcome can be extremely beneficial to all of us. If you think of how much Whyville has given you, perhaps you can do this one thing -- just this one time -- for Whyville.

It's About Time,


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