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Make-up and Colours for You

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Hey, it's Kalia25 here! Wow, there are so many things about makeup that I totally didn't know! I bet you're probably getting very anxious to find out what I found out about, not too long ago. It was very interesting.

So, one day I was sitting in cosmetology -- if you don't know what that is, it's a class where you learn how to apply makeup, do hair, manicures, wash hair, etc!!! VERY FUN... mostly for girls, though, in my experience. We were in our makeup unit and out teacher was telling us about some stuff that not many of us know. She was talking about what colour of eyeshadow matches with your eyes and about eye liner and the colours that your face colour and complexion look best with, etc.

We called up this one girl and came to find out that yellow, gold, orange, etc. look horrible on her and make her look tired -- it also looks like she has bags under her eyes. Then she put pink and blue and colours like that on her and she looked awesome! Way better! Then we took this girl that wears a lot of makeup and a lotta blush, and ended up finding out something interesting. Her blush wasn't right for her face complexion; we tried on the yellow gold and orange colours and they looked better on her than the pink, but really, if we took off the blush, the pink would end up looking better on her. After that, we took this girl who likes really dark colours and found out that the colours that she liked to wear most didn't look as good on her as the pink and blue colours that she hated. Oh, and I looked best in the pink and blue colours instead of the other colours. I like those colours the best, too. Another thing about this is warm tones (yellow, gold, etc) are very rare: 28 percent of the population are warm, and 78% of the population are cool tones (blue, pink, etc).

Then we learned that when you put eyeliner all the way around your eyes, outlining them, it actually makes them look smaller. That was an interesting fact that I never knew about. If you want an enlargement effect, you are only supposed to outline it halfway along the bottom, but all the way on the top. I didn't like that, though, so the person I was applying makeup on just stuck with the other way.

Which eye-shadow matches with your eyes? Well, if you have brown eyes, it's usually blue or purple. If you have green eyes, it's pink or brown. If you have blue its green brown or pink. Actually... a lot of colours match with blue!

Also, did you know!?  The summer person usually has streaked hair, usually has brown or hazel eyes, looks good in blue denim, and wears pink well. The winter person has brown eyes and looks good in black or white. The summer/winter person will NOT have naturally red highlights in their hair. The spring person has strawberry blonde or red highlights naturally, has freckles, their eyes will tend to change colour naturally, and they do not often have brown eyes. The autumn person has black hair baturally, has blue eyes, and has red highlights. The spring/autumn person will have any eye colour other than brown!

Well, I hope that you liked all of my very interesting facts about make-up and the colour that looks best on you!! Hope ya took some of my advice!

This is Kalia25, leavin ya all alone now... bye for now, my fellow Whyvillians!


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