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Don't Be Underweight!

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Hey all, Lilbeaut here. Okay, so you look at the title of this article and think, "Who worries about being underweight? It's being fat I don't like." Well, I'm here to talk about something very important and something everyone should realize is scary. You shouldn't do what I did to my body. I read TIKE's article, The Long Run, and I think I should relate my experience to all you Whyvillians. This is important, listen up.

I've liked this guy (and still do) for about a year and a half. I was always trying to impress him and spend A LOT of time doing my hair in the morning. I'd look at my body and tell myself that it would never be good enough for him to like me. I always thought I was too fat and I started exercising more. (The healthy thing to do, right?) I cut down on unhealthy snacks and I only ate when I was hungry.

I did this for a month. (Not long enough for a noticeable effect.) I had lost a pound. I thought it wasn't very much at all to lose in a month. (Research shows that that I was actually a little underweight in the beginning. By losing a pound a month I was endangering my body.) I got more drastic. I ate an apple and some saltines at lunch or "accidentally forgot my lunch" (the majority of the time) and didn't eat those days. Breakfast I would usually skip or just have some juice. For dinner I would have some noodles or say that I had already had it at my friends house. (My mom is a health freak and would have never let me skip dinner if she knew I hadn't eaten it already.)

Then, 2 weeks later, the guy who I was doing all this for asked me out. I thought my crash diet was working and I kept at it. So, for another 2 weeks I kept at it and I lost 7 extra pounds! I was waaay under-weight and my friends and boyfriend kept telling me that I was. They didn't think I had anything wrong with me though, just that I was just feeling less hungry. They didn't really know how many pounds I had lost.

One day, my boyfriend, some friends and I went to Six Flags. I didn't want to eat any of the food there because it was all so unhealthy. I didn't eat ANYTHING that day. I had grown used to being hungry and didn't know how bad my body really felt. I started getting woozy while we were waiting in line for a ride. It was scorching that day and I had been walking around all day. Finally, I lost my balance and fainted. (Luckily, my boyfriend caught me.)

After that, my boyfriend handed me a burger and some water. We sat down and rested on a shady bench. He asked me what was up. He told me he was REALLY worried about me. I spilled everything to him. How I had done this all for him. How I had wanted him to like me much more. He stared straight at me and told me to never do that again. He told me that I was skinny (the good kind) in the beginning and that I didn't need to starve myself. He told me it didn't matter how skinny I was. He said that I had a great personality and that should be enough for everyone else. He gave me a hug and from that day on I felt much better about myself, less self-conscious about how I looked.

This is my message to everyone who thinks they are overweight: YOU PROBABLY AREN'T!!! Don't stress. If you want to lose some pounds, healthily, then do what I did in the very beginning. Eat when you are hungry and eat healthy foods. Exercise more and you'll have some good results within in a couple months. I also say that if you are thinking about going on a diet, make sure its because you want to be healthy or because you are truly overweight. Don't do it for some guy like I did. It's not worth doing that to your body. My friend knew someone that DIED from anorexia! Yes. She died.

Think about it. Don't do that to yourself. Don't be underweight!

This is Lilbeaut
...Staying Healthy...


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