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Beauty Contests, What's the Point?

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Hi again! This is Angel7990, talking about what I think about b/c's (or beauty contests). Before I start, though, I want to clear something up. In my ABC's article, I said that you get money for writing to the Times. Truth was, the last time I wrote to the Times, I DID get money, but it's been a while since I wrote to the Times, so things may have changed. Sorry for that! Now to my article.

Have you ever heard of a b/c? You probably have, because there are a lot around here, or maybe you started one. If you don't, here's the scoop. A beauty contest is basically where a bunch of Whyvillians meet up and the starter of the beauty contest gives the "winner" a reward, like maybe some clams or a date.

I have a serious problem with this!

First off, it is stupid. Why have a beauty contest? What's the point? Sure, it will make somebody richer, but they will just go spend it and the money will be gone. Nobody will ever remember winning a beauty contest.

Second, I have a question for b/c starters. How do you know who is more beautiful than the rest? What is considered beautiful? Blond? Brunette? Blue eyes? What if somebody's style isn't considered "beautiful"? Does that mean they should go buy parts they would never consider buying and try to pretend they're somebody they're not in order to get a small reward? Why would anyone want to do that?

Third, you could make somebody feel bad. Say somebody makes their face look great and they enter a b/c and lose. Now they feel all bad and try to make themselves look better when there was nothing wrong with them in the first place.

This is what I think of a b/c. The way I see it, b/c = a shallow popularity contest. This is how I feel.

This is Angel7990, signing out!


Editor's Note: It's true that you're supposed to get clams for writing for the Times -- fact is, I've been so swamped with all the great submissions that I haven't made the time to pay our authors for a while.  Perhaps I can convince City Hall to help me make it an automated system!


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