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An Angel of Hope?

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Hello Whyville. This is BiPLaNe, and I do not get to go onto Whyville as much as I would like to. But I still know what is going on, such as special events and what people are talking about -- aka the gossip that people are interested in. Ah, yes the gossip. I hear plenty of that when I visit Whyville. And I would like to admit, I find it quite interesting.

I heard some people talk of an Angel Of Hope. I asked that what the heck they meant, and they said there was a girl, known as BeeZD, who was dressed up as an angel.  She helped Newbies and Oldbies in their lives in Whyville. She helped them with clams, she gave them advice and sometimes, all they needed was a friend.

So I went and interviewed two newbies and this is what I found out:

Me: Hi supboy1, mind if I interview you?
Supboy1: No.
Me: Ok, great! Do you know anything about the Angel Of Hope? Ever heard of her?
Supboy1: No.
Me: No? You must have, a lot of people are talking about her! Well, thanks for your time, I don't have many questions to ask if you don't know her.
Supboy1: What ever.

Me: Mind if I interview you ShugaKiss?
SugaKiss: No
Me: Have you ever heard of the Angel Of Hope?
SugaKiss: No, I don't think so.
Me: Thanks for your time, I have no further questions to ask.
SugaKiss: Ok?!

It seems that they do not know her. Well, after this disappointing experience, I decided to interview some oldbies who might of heard of The Angel of Hope. First I interviewed Chunx.

Me: Hi Chunx, mind if I interview you?
Chunx: Sure
Me: Have you ever heard of the Angel Of Hope?
Chunx: Um... I think. Oh wait, yeah I think I have!
Me: Do you know what this person does and who it actually is?
Chunx: I might?
Me: You might?
Chunx: Sorry, I just had to think for a second. Yes, I know who it is and what she does.
Me: Go on..
Chunx: The Angel Of Hope is BeeZD. She dresses up as an angel and speaks as if the lord is at her side. She speaks as if we are all her children and she speaks through verses in the bible. She helps Newbies get started in Whyville by telling them about things, such as the food contest, how to get clams and so on, and she also sends them a few clams if they want, and maybe some face parts. She also becomes friends with them and shows them how to make peace in their heart. She not only is kind to Newbies, but Oldbies also! If she sees anybody who is has a problem she will talk to them and give them advice and stick to their side until they don't need her help anymore, and she becomes friends with everybody in site!
Me: Wow, I didn't know you knew so much about her! Amazing!
Chunx: Well, she helped me out when we were both new, she became my friend. My best friend, and we figured out Whyville together. That was over 3 years ago, and still we are friends!
Me: That is great! Thank you for your time, Chunx!
Chunx: No problem, see you in the future!
Me: Yeah... see you!

After hearing this, I knew that this Angel Of Hope, also known as BeeZD, is a very special person. So I decided to interview BeeZD herself.

Me: Hi BeeZD, I am doing an article in the Times on you, mind if I interview you?
BeeZD: My child, if you wish to speak with me, feel free!
Me: Ok then... What made you start being the Angel Of Hope?
BeeZD: Well, I had a dream where I was faced with God and he told me, "In your days of trouble, may the lord be with you." And I knew he was there to help us, and I admire him so much, that I have dedicated my life to helping others online and offline.
Me: Well that is neat, when did you start being this Angel Of Hope?
BeeZD: A few days ago. In fact, I was faced with one of my old friends, Prissie33, she said that I was the Angel If [word removed] after I told her about the Angel deal thing. I said [word removed] because of course the word is not very polite.
Me: She doesn't seem like a good friend, I'm sorry BeeZD....
BeeZD: It is ok, I don't really care what people think of me. Well would you look at the time, I've got to fly! I will talk to you another time BiPLaNe, sorry!
Me: That is ok, I will talk to you again! Good-Bye Angel Of Hope!
BeeZD: Goodbye, my Child!

So those are the interviews that I did about The Angel Of Hope. I think that BeeZD is once of the most kindest people I have ever known. Helping other, sending them clams, helping them with their problems, wow! May she be known by all, for she is very unique and generous. I hope we all turn out to be just as kind as BeeZD sooner or later. We are not the nicest of all species, but that is the way we are.

Good bye Whyville, have pleasant dreams tonight!
This is Biplane.. flying into dreams with angels... *eyes close*


Editor's Note: While we encourage all citizens to be helpful and kind to one another, we don't consider anyone's efforts to be "official" for Whyville except for City Workers.  Even Y-Mail Helpers are just that -- helpers, volunteers who give their time and kindness.  Thanks for your graciousness, BeeZD. I hope that you and all other helpers around Whyville always maintain high standards in your own behavior, whether or not you're motivated by religious feelings. (I hope this "my child" stuff isn't too serious...)


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