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The Hacker (Part 3)

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This is Darling44, with the third part of my tale. Enjoy!

NB's Whyville life took a plunge for the worst. Ever since the wedding incident, it seemed everything was against him. The bride refused to talk to him, and kicked him out of her house, which NB was living in, so now he lives on the street. The guests at the wedding refused to talk to him as well. One of the guests even posted an advertisement:

    Stay away from NB! He is a heartless meanie who swears and throws mudballs at weddings! Stay away from him!

If that wasn't enough, NB still had X to think about. It was obvious now he was out to ruin NB's life. It was also obvious that X was XXX in a different person. However, instead of doing all the dirty work himself, X was framing NB.

NB didn't think he could feel much worse. His girlfriend dumped him, and all his friends were rejecting his y-mails. NB didn't know how much longer he was willing to stay in Whyville. While he was thinking about it, he headed to the pool party to claim the hanging seat before any other street sleepers stole it.

The next morning, he awoke to a loud chatroom, as always, and he saw a newbie that looked almost like X. It wasn't X, though, but C. Then NB noticed that right behind C was the one and only X. NB whispered to C: "Get away from X. Follow me to the Whyville Forest."

NB chose the Whyville Forest because he could have a private chat with C. Sure enough, C followed him to Whyville Forest.

"Why did you tell me to get away from X?" C asked.

"Because he's been framing me," NB responded, "and I wanted to warn you."

C started staring at NB as if he had grown two heads. "Are you that guy on that advertisement?"

NB sighed. "Yeah, but I didn't do any of it. X did."

C stopped and started thinking. "I think I can help you. I have an idea."

To be continued...


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