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Ahoy, BabyPowdr here. I have been touring the town, looking for simple pleasures hidden in the urbanization of our beloved Whyville. It has been a while since I 'walked' the streets of Whyville, and I found some neat things. I thought, hey this is would make a cool game. Well, I know the folks at HQ are quite overrun with things to do, so I have taken the matter into my own hands.

This works quite well, because I do believe that with over 14,000 clams, I can afford to give out fine prizes. So here we go! Make sure you fill out the form in the right order, and that you include the steps that you took to figure out the answers.

1. I am a burst of sudden colour-filled light, dancing above one of the signs... you find me, by placing your mouse, over a building quite like a house... a house for all, whether you be big or small, this place encourages that those who are different, all have ability and shall not fail.

2. I am the page that refuses to load... no matter how hard you try. I am a dead end, but befits me my personality, for I am but an illusion of escape.

3. We all move. But we are not all. We are but three of the many, and only us do we move. Hint, I'll point you in the right direction, if only you look before the reflection. We are posted around, some are high, others close to the ground.

4. I am a reflection, that is all. Look for me not at Akbar's stall, nor his mall, but....

5. I am the clumsy plant...

6. I am the cat drawn on the wall, that's right, the one who winks, beside the dancing sticks.

7. A hoola hop, a holla hop... in the grass skirt on the dash she dances. (BONUS -- if you can see the typo here, I commend you... just remember to include what the typo is.)

8. I am the 1 (that is a hint) that lives at Marlowe and L'Hopital in Old Town. Who am I?

9. This number had relevance, 428, go and see what it meant. The Center, that shoulD help, Can be located by the large letters in this sentence.

10. The places you can find my name. There are not one, not two, nor three, but four places my name does appear. More if you look back in time...

11. I hold house to these items, a blow up chair, a pillow with stars, and an exit to...

12. Stack them, and build me high, but remember, your limit is not the sky (you can only have a maximum of three stories).

13. Just a smudge, a splat of colour, here above a large country I hover. No, not Russia; you're warmer, though, if you think below.

The form for your submission is to have the number of the clue, your answer, and then the steps. Y-mail them to me before June 30th. Winners will be announced shortly afterwards. Have fun, and Good Luck!



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