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Dress Yourself For Once!

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"Does anyone want a free makover? Press 555!!"

Everyone on Whyville, old and new, has seen that quote at one time. It seems many Whyvillians are conscious about how they look, but some even go to the extent to give out their passwords to people they don't know in the vain hope that they can have a face change (giving out your password means you risk having your account stolen!).

What is the advantage of letting someone else decide how you look, though? The good of having so many different parts to choose from is that you get to buy what YOU want to wear... but if someone else is giving you a makeover, they are spending YOUR clams on what THEY want to dress you in. They could be dressing you in stuff you don't really like and with YOUR hard earned clams. That is practically like giving your mom your money and telling her to go buy your school clothes for you because you are too lazy... and we all know that what mom likes and what you like is pretty different a lot of the time.

Then there is the issue of b/c's (or beauty contests, for those who don't know). That makes people want a good face even more. Wouldn't you feel better if you won because of the face you made *yourself* rather than one someone else made? Besides, people still might not like how you look because we all have different ideas on who is "hot" and who is "not". It is just a picture, anyways -- it's not a pagent for Miss USA or something that will make you famous and "popular" right away, so what is the point?

Here is another quote I'm sure you all will find familiar:

"If u think ima hottie press 111, ugly 222 or OK 333!!!"

Why does it matter what other people think of you? Shouldn't you wear what you like rather than what other people like? You should not be doing what other people say and tell you, but think for yourself. If you keep worrying about what others think, you will most likely find yourself acting like something you aren't (which is what a "poser" is and people don't like them any more than "ugly n00bs").

I can guarentee you will feel worse about yourself if you started doing things you don't even like rather than if you did what you wanted and got bashed for it. Why should you act or dress a certain way just to make some narrow-minded people like you? You should do and wear whatever makes you happy. Who cares if THEY are happy? Let them call you "ugly", because you can be a great person even if you are ugly in the eyes of others... but rude, narrow-minded people have a bad personality, period.

This is Danifurby, signing off.


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