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What's New This Week

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What's New This Week

A new business opens in town this week! Mademoiselle Mimi has arrived to add a new facet to Whyvillian life -- dancing. Her dance studio is in Sector Y, so stop by and check it out. Rumors have it that the missing underground disco will be resurfacing soon, this time with music even, so you'll want to be ready to dance to the beat when that happens.

Since the poll booth opened last week, citizens have been flocking to City Hall. More than a hundred petitions have been submitted already. Throughout this coming week, many of them will be elevated to "poll" status. In the next few weeks, poll results will be announced right here in the Times. Will your petition make it to the polls? Will your poll get enough votes to be counted? You'll find out soon enough!

Until that happens, there are plenty of other articles here in the Times to keep you busy. Finalists for the Whyville Genesis Contest have been announced! Six finalists have been selected by the Whyville public. If your previous choice didn't make it as a finalist, be sure you go and vote again. Who is going to be the winner? It's up to you.

Stay tuned to the Times,

The Editor


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