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I was one really bored Whyville citizen on Sunday, so decided to go to the disco to see if anyone there would talk to me. I was astonished to find that there were a lot of people there, and there usually aren't. I took this photo and headed to the auditorium to see how many people were there.

The auditorium has been very busy lately, mostly taken over with weddings and beauty contests.

Most of us "oldbies" are getting grumpy about so many inhabitants. I remember when, if you went there on a weekday, there would only be one or two people in the auditorium. That fact has recently changed very drastically.

Take, for example, the pool party.  The popularity of this place has never changed since I've been a newbie, and now I consider myself an oldbie (since 2001) and it's still an extremely popular spot for the "cooler" citizens, or those that consider themselves "cool". I have no part whatsoever with these people. ;)

My last point is the sunspot. This has become the most popular place, for oldbies, newbies, and just normal people (like me). Most anytime of the day, you can come here and find people stacked on top of each other like a human wall.

What do you think is the best spot to hang around in?
Thanks, and have a good day!


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