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Are you one of those people who believe that a day is too short and you cannot get all of your activities finished in the allotted time permitted by society? I have had time management problems recently -- and judging by the mail you send me, some of you citizens do, too -- so I decided to write this article.

If you have a schedule that is similar to mine, then perhaps your day is chock-filled with school, family, friends, extra-circular activities, homework, and more! With the added hour to two hours of Macbeth homework a night that I have been receiving lately, I find it almost impossible to finish the tasks that I am responsible for.

Lately I have been trying to affix exercise into my daily routine and I also have the supplementary stress of major assignments and projects -- all of which seem to *conveniently* (note the sarcasm) be due around the same time period. I am the Editor of the school newspaper, and am a teacher at a local Elementary school as one of my Co-operative Education courses. I am preparing for courses for my final high-school year (yep, I'm not your average Whyvillian age!), and am frantically trying to balance the scale while still maintaining a social life.

Although it can get difficult, I have conjured up solutions that will not only benefit me, but also you, if you are finding that time is hard to come by. First, composing a schedule is an excellent method of organizing your activities and time. Although I do not do this myself -- I find that I can recall specific assignments, dates, and organize my time effectively -- it is a way for you to recall your responsibilities and events at the tip of a finger. If you have a soccer practice at 3-o-clock and are planning on finishing your science project later that night, creating and following a schedule can make your time more controllable.

Secondly, put all of those assignments that are mandatory before anything else. If you have been missing a lot of those Drama club meetings, then put that ahead of sitting on the couch and watching your favorite soap opera -- or even Whyville! This is life, and some things you just have to do. If you plan ahead for things, however, you will find that you will not run into these troubles. For instance, study for your tests a few nights ahead or work on that big project a few weeks in advance. It may be true that not *many* people do this, but most successful people do!

Nevertheless, do not forget to set aside something that I like to call "you" time. This is a specific time when you do something that you enjoy, whether it be taking a bath, reading a book, watching television, listening to music, and yes, even Whyville! You will find that with time that is especially reserved for you, that you will be more relaxed and prepared for the work ahead.

Don't forget that not every time-management method works for everyone! Do you have a specific routine that works for you? If so, why don't you share it? It may even be the rebuttal for my ongoing English homework or newspaper meeting. Even finding time to constitute this article was quite difficult, so if you excuse me??? my time-budget awaits.



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