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Stop the B/Cs?!?

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I'm just responding quickly to Duckee's article about beauty contests. She has a great point: don't freak out if other people say you're less pretty than others! You are a cartoon, and I personally think it is pretty cool to be my own cartoon.

But I'm here to bring up another point. I might have brought this up in earlier articles I've written, but some don't get accepted, so I lose track of what you have seen (maybe you haven't seen any). But anyway, my point is -- how about we just stop having beauty contests??

People who hold beauty contests (BCs) have a lot of clams. I have held a few BCs myself, only I gave prizes to everyone who participated. If everybody did this, then I think it would be ok to have BCs, because most people aren't in it to be called beautiful, ok, or ugly; they're in it for the prize. So give them all one!

If you don't have enough to give EVERYBODY something, then don't. Don't have a BC! It's totally not fair! Because usually the 'ugly' people are only ugly because they don't have enough clams to buy more. And the people who are 'beautiful' are only beautiful because they have clams and have bought great face parts, and then they end up winning a reward. Why reward the rich when they don't need it, when the poor, ugly people are left hanging with nothing more?

To sum it all up, rich people spend their money on becoming beautiful so they can win more money. Poor people can't afford to be beautiful, so don't make fun of them! Besides, it doesn't make any sense to give the rich something that they don't need (which is more of what they already got) and ignore the poor who need it more than the winners. So please, cut down on the BCs, or stop if possible! I did it, so can you.

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