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Feeling Bored Lately?

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Feeling Bored Lately?
48 great things to do this summer

by Faye
Guest Writer

Sometimes I get bored around my house, and I think... I don't want to waste my summer doing nothing, do I? So here is a list with 48 great and fun ideas to do this summer and be bored-free!

  1. Of course, hang out with your friends.
  2. Make cookies and give them to your friends or have a bake sale.
  3. Get the whole block together and play night games.
  4. Make your own webpage [aol, gurl.com, yahoo all have free webpages for you!]
  5. Decoupage a picture frame [Ymail me to learn how!]
  6. Make a mix of all your favorite songs from your CDs onto a tape.
  7. Camp in your backyard with your friends for one night.
  8. Go to the beach.
  9. Get people together and start a game of kickball or something like that.
  10. Redecorate your room.
  11. Start a new collection such as rocks, bugs, beanie babies, etc.
  12. Run through your sprinkler!
  13. Go bowling.
  14. Research your ancestry.
  15. Play beach volleyball.
  16. Pretend you are on a tropical island and throw your own Luau {mail me to get details on what one is!}
  17. Learn how to swing dance.
  18. Start a band.
  19. Paint a picture.
  20. Make a collage of all your favorite things.
  21. Visit a nearby historical place.
  22. Make up a new game to play with your friends.
  23. Make supper for your family.
  24. Make stationary to give to someone.
  25. Try a new sport like crocquet.
  26. Set up a lemonade stand.
  27. Make up a new dictionary, with words you make up!
  28. Start a summer journal and write in it every day.
  29. Start a baby-sitting service.
  30. Write down your dreams & check out books from the library to see what they mean!
  31. Find a disposable camera and take pictures of your everyday life.
  32. Volunteer at the local nursing home.
  33. Make friendship bracelets.
  34. Learn a new language.
  35. Design your dream house.
  36. Set up a mini restaurant and take your friends' orders for dinner!
  37. Go to a local fair.
  38. Go to a sporting event.
  39. Go to garage sales and find a good bargain.
  40. Learn how to water ski or jetski.
  41. Go to a drive-in theatre.
  42. Try to make your room coordinate with feng shui [Ymail me for details!]
  43. Make a pinata.
  44. Paint your closet a groovy color like orange, bright yellow, or lime green!
  45. Make a calendar with your pictures and artwork [Ymail me for more info!]
  46. Set up your own garage sale and sell your old stuff.
  47. Visit a cultural restaurant and try something new.
  48. Go rollerblading or to a nearby roller rink.

I hope these make your summer more interesting! You can always Y-mail me if have any questions!!!!!

peace & luv,



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