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Separating Guys and Girls

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Hi, Whyville. I was reading the newspaper today, and I came across an interesting article. One of the schools in my city is putting all of the grade 7 girls in one class, all the grade 7 guys in another class, all the grade 8 girls in one class, and all of the grade 8 guys in another class.

I think this is a very stupid idea. I'm glad I don't go to that school.

I wouldn't want to have an all-girl class. Why? Because the teacher would give us a 'talk'. Ew. In the article, it said, "For the girls, the biggest benefit is their confidence grows, they're not afraid to speak their mind in class without the boys saying, "Oh this is stupid," that kind of thing. So their confidence increases."

How could you stand having a one gender class? One guy said, "We just think it's stupid because it'll be more boring... And some guys in our class have most friends that are all girls."  I have guy friends, too. A girl said, "It's going to be kind of boring next year because the guys entertain us. They do some really funny things."

If that happens to OUR school, I would complain! I couldn't stand not being around some of my friends for the next 2 years! I think the kids in that school should just have guy and girl classes so their socializing increases.

Here's some more things that students and parents said: "It kind of insults me that they're using our school as a guinea pig school. If they're going to do this, they should use all of the schools instead of one school."

I think that the guys and girls need to be together. They can learn from each other.

Well, that's all, folks!



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