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Make A Plan

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Kirbie393 here. Well, I guess I'll start with a question; What do you want to do when you're older? You may have to take a minute to answer that, but for me, it's easy. I want to be a computer technician. I'm not sure what kind yet (designing software, games, repairman), but I know I want to work with computers.

Now, I'm not here just to tell you about myself. I'm here to urge you to plan for the future. Do what it takes to get to your goals. Right now I'm planning on getting a small job, like a paper route, to raise money and buy myself a notebook computer (laptop). No, I have not been saving very long, and the one I'm looking at getting is over $1,500 U.S. But I'm going to get software to teach me more about computers.

What about you? What can you do to help achieve your dream job? Here are a couple starter ideas:

* Take classes and learn more. It'll help you to learn advanced stuff later on... or now!

* Save up your money, even if you have nothing in mind to buy. You never know when something that you just can't live without will come up -- and I don't just mean clothes or games.

* Take time to plan. I know, it's early on in life for most of us, but you can't always put it off until you get to college. No, of course you don't have to plan your whole life right now. You can't, because your feelings might change as you get older. Just try to figure out what's best for now.

Kirbie393, over and out.


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