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Climb Back Up The Hill

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Hello everybody! Whyville needs help -- it is slowly going downhill! Not sure what I'm talking about? Well, let me explain.

As I have been told, Whyville was once a place were everyone had fun! There was no discrimination or labels such as "newbies" or "oldbies" and Whyville was a fun place for all ages.  Obviously that's what City Hall is trying to make it be.  Now, do you honestly think a parent would wants their child to go on a website were there is swearing? Not necessarily an older Whyvillian -- but for the younger ones, I don't think their parents would approve.

Despite the efforts from City Hall to curb bad language, you can still see it too often.  Maybe they're not the actual words in plain English, but people substitute the letters with numbers or symbols, and you can see fights, and you can see Whyvillians excluding others by their looks, or by the amount of time they've been on Whyville.

Those of you reading this need to help Whyville! And, I believe that City Hall and the City Workers need to be more strict. I think they should punish all those who swear -- substituting letters or not, it is still swearing.

With your help, we can make Whyville the safe, fun and enjoyable place it once was. Oldbies, I know it may annoy you when newbies ask for clams or face parts, but in most cases they feel they need it. So why not just donate something you don't wear or some extra clams? Even better, help them learn how to earn their own clams, so they can become "productive members" of our town!  Now newbies, if you want oldbies or even just another Whyvillian to chat, or be your friend I don't think your first sentence should be, "Will you go out with me?" Whyville is not meant to be a dating service, so let's not change it into one. I myself am against online dating for many reasons; you may not be and I'm not one to judge, but please, at least get to know the person! Don't go around randomly picking people you want to ask out.

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