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My Silver Lining

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I was surfing through the petitions one day (not literally, but you know what I mean) and that got me thinking. What are we asking for in these petitions? Do we really NEED the things we ask for? Probably not, but they're good to have, right? Then again, maybe not. That brings us to my article.

Have you ever considered trying to see the good things about our website rather than the bad? I realize I sound like an optimist, but it sure beats complaining for something we might not even want!

For example, people want City Hall to lower the membership fee for Club Why. Think of this: if you don't want to pay 1000 clams, why bother joining Club Why? It seems like you don't think Club Why is worth spending all that much, so why would you bother to join? You should join Club Why if you want to support your town, if you truly value it.  If you complain about it, how supportive are you being?

Second, plots. I realize you all want a house so you can throw parties, relax and have fun, right? But can't you do all that in a chat room too? You can't throw an "official" party, but you can do something close to it in the Pool Party or the Playground. (Or if you join Club Why, you can reserve the Disco!)  Plus, chat rooms are perfect for relaxing. Especially basking in the sun-rays of the Beach!

Third, people also want free clams for entering Whyville. Does that really seem logical? Ok, so you're all set until you spend it all on face parts and then you're broke again, and now that you've already joined... where do you get the money??? Doesn't sound perfect anymore, does it? If you start the games on Day 1, you can spend the "no chat for 5 days" time doing something useful. Do you get money for free in real life??

Fourth, an amazing number of people complain about wanting better face parts. If you want better face parts, why don't you make them yourself? Only you know what you want, so if you go asking someone else to do it, you end up disappointed and you STILL don't get what you want.

Fifth, getting a refund at Akbar's. In case you don't know, here's how things work: when a face part is bought, the clams are sent to the creator of the part. So if we had refunds, the creators will have money taken away from them, and that's not fair. If you don't like the face part you got, send it to Grandma's.  It's not like any face part costs more than the maximum of one day's salary.

Now that you see the "silver lining" so to speak, try to stop complaining and see the bigger picture: how cool Whyville is!

This is Angel7990, signing off.


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