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Sunshine Here!

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Sunshine here! Well, not outside, but I'm here anyway. And this article is, in fact, about my face (which happens to be a sun, as I write this).  So read on if you're intrigued (and if you're not, you should probably keep reading anyway!).

Currently, I look like a sun in the sky and I happen to be wearing a red hat. Personally, I quite enjoy it. And several others around Whyville do, too! I've had more comments about how cool my face is over the past two days than any time that I had a normal face. People come up can say things like, "That is so cool!", "Nice face" and a couple of people have said "What a pretty picture!" How many people get that when they look "normal"?

There have also been people who have made comments that weren't so nice, such as, "Why don't you dress like a normal person? Then everyone would like you!" And other people have called me a newbie and told me to get a real face (to which I have replied, asking why being a newbie is a negative thing). Eh, I love being different, that's all!

In the past, I have always been happy experimenting with non-human heads. Two of my favorites have been the GSI Amoeba and the GSI Modern Art, but anyone can wear those, so you're only different to some extent. The change here is that my current head involved a bit of originality, and a couple of days to hunt for all the right parts (Wench, has anyone ever told you that you and your store Wenchwire are saviors?) And it has paid off. This is by far my favorite head.

I can't remember which article, but a while ago the Times Editor asked why we don't see any glowing jellyfish heads in Whyville. If someone were to make a glowing jellyfish for me (and it was good quality, of course), I would pay major clams! (I don't have any part designing ability, unfortunately.)

My being a sun has brought in comments about why don't I want to have a "normal" (aka human) head. And the truth is... I just got bored of being normal. My hair and sun color don't set me apart, but I stand out and because of this I have made a ton of new friends!

And now I have a challenge for you. I want you to go for at least one day on Whyville without having a human face. See what happens. Don't know where to get a non-human head? Here are some suggestions:

Unique head for Unique People
Lion Head and Body
Snaily McSnail
Fishy McFish
GSI Amoeba
GSI Modern Art Head
Candy Corn Head
wenchwire happy face
Im A Big Chocolate Donut Head!
doremon costume by smilies4u
Im a flower head
Artful Sand Head

And I'm sure there are more!  Of course, you could also do what I did, and use several parts to make a scene. It's not hard, just use your imagination!

That's all for now folks!

99th red balloon


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