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City Hall and Kiki at the Tiki Tours would like to announce the start of the Solstice Safari 2003 -- go to Whyville Square and click on the tiki huts to find Tiki Tours, or go to your bus menu. You'll also be able to go to your Safari book through the bus menu soon.

Safaris are some of the best ways to increase your daily salary. So join a team today and start the learning!

In other news, last week's editorial announced the competition for the Whyville Times Summer Staff. We've already received a number of submissions, which have encouraged me to give you more specific instructions. As you'll recall, last week's instructions were:

    To win, you will have to reach a high level of journalism. You will choose five of the following topics, and write about each of them in a separate article, using the point of view of a professional journalist. Personal opinions should be kept to a minimum unless you are able to cite three different sources (not all websites!) that support your position. Every statement of fact should be easily proven, and anything controversial should have something other than "I think this way". Quoting real people (other writers, scientists, politicians -- kids and adults!) is good. Focus on analytical thoughts and science-related subjects. We're looking for persuasive arguments here, and nothing's more persuasive than irrefutable facts.

Here are a few more points to keep in mind:

  • Put "Summer Staff Submission" as your email subject header.
  • Make sure your article has a title and your Whyville username. If you'd like to include a byline (the descriptive sentence that goes on the front page under your title), feel free.
  • Please don't submit more than five articles. Your sixth submission (etc) will not count for the competition.
  • Do NOT write articles that are just opinion pieces! We get plenty of those as it is. We have higher expectations of our Summer Staff -- you *must* research your work AND include your sources. While your opinion matters, it carries a lot more weight when you can say what other people -- scientists, politicians, and so on -- agree (and disagree!) with you.
  • And most importantly, the competition will end on Thursday, July 10th at 11:59pm (a minute before midnight)!

Next week, we may have some samples of the kinds of writing we're looking for. In the meantime, research your topics and work on some drafts. Good luck to you all!

That is all,
Times Editor


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