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A Whyville Disaster

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A Whyville Disaster
Citizens try to figure out what happened last week

by Meril

I think that some government spies were using Whyville to exchange secrets. They have a house in Old Town and would meet weekly to exchange secrets. The government caught on to what was happening in Whyville and shut down the town until the spies were caught.

The spies are also responsible for duct taping innocent people. So, if people were duct taped and didn't do anything, don't blame City Hall. She didn't do it. It was the bad spies that were tring to take the town for themselves! They were trying to make people mad enough that they would leave. They only made it look like City Hall was muting them.



by Finigan
       Town Looney

Hi there. I'm Finigan, and I think I figured out the reason why Whyville was down.

I think that one reason why Whyville was going off and on was because of some evil, possessed yogurt.

That's right, yogurt. When a person eats this possessed yogurt they can't stop eating it. City Hall was just one of the victims, she ate some of the possessed yogurt. This type of yogurt just so happened to be blueberry yogurt, the worst kind of all.

City Hall couldn't stop eating the yogurt, she would eat for hours on end. By this time, the other city workers were wondering where City Hall was, so they went over to her house to see what was happening.

The door was locked and the windows were covered in a strange blue substance. One of the city workers opened the back door which happened to be unlocked. They went inside only to see yogurt everywhere. They found City Hall lying on the floor, sleeping. She had cups and cups of empty blueberry yogurt beside her. The city workers managed to get City Hall out of her house before she ate any more yogurt.

When City Hall woke up, she craved yogurt. The other city workers were careful only to feed her sardines. Sardines are the only cure for the possessed yogurt. It took two days for City Hall to come back to her senses. Then she started working on Whyville again!

And that's why Whyville was down. City Hall ate some yogurt.



by Diva146
Suspicious of aliens

I think it was the aliens (believe it or not). They seeemed so nice at first, but when a person found them all they went on a rampage thinking, "Hey, they won't notice." But they were WRONG!!!!!!!





by Iceykiss
Astronomical Observer

This is my theory of why Whyville hasn't been working: Maybe one of Jupiter's moons came into orbit with Pluto, and that caused a little cyber-confusion. But now that the City Workers are on the case, thanx to the Y-Logics, we have our Whyville back!



Editor's Note: We've got more special disaster stories saved for next week, so keep reading and keep writing!



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