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Are Proms Worth It?

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Are Proms Worth It?

by syx55
Guest Writer

Well... many of you were at the Prom 2000 in Whyville to celebrate. Recently there was a dance held at the Auditorium in City Hall and then was moved to the Sportsplaz. The party was not a hit, but the question is why do we go to these parties? Is it to really have fun talking to people you don't know? Or is it just because you want to have a date and be cool? I asked two people of the names of Streaker and Twangy what they thought:


Me: Do you think more people go to dances to be cool and have a date or just to have fun with people they don't know?
Streaker: Well... If you ask me, I never before in my life have had to have a girlfriend at Whyville because I have one eye, but since I'm getting paid, I'll have to say, just to have a date. Here's why: I was on one time and people were asking each other, "Oh, will you go out with me?" Dumb... I dunno, that's just bad, they don't know each other, and people take things so seriously.
Me: OK.


Here's our next Whyvillian, Twangy.

Me: Do you think people just go to dances to have fun and talk to people they don't know or just to be cool and have a date?
Twangy: Well, I think they're just going to have fun with other people. I mean, I have a girlfriend, Lizylue9, she's normal and very friendly. See, they just go because Whyville is a place to have fun and talk to friends, that's all.

I have a girlfriend on Whyville that I like to talk to, and we don't get into all this mushy stuff. It's just a friend that's a girl. That's the way I put it. No prob.

By: Syx55



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