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Basic Hacking Tips

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Hi everyone! This is koolgrrl and I'm here to tell you about "hackers". There are so many different ways someone could try to hack you, but in all these ways they are trying to get your password or clams -- or even to 911 report you when you did nothing! Beware of these:

  1. Let's say I was in the elevator and someone asked me if he/she looked ugly. I say no or yes. If I said yes, then that person might give you their pass asking you to give you a makeover. And then they vaporize you because you have their password, and so people will think you asked for it! Editor's Note: Fortunately, City Hall reads all the chat logs before punishing anyone -- whether it's a 911 report or the regular system. Check out City Hall & Duct Tape to learn more!

  2. Someone could send you a y-mail and tell you that they needed their pass so you could get a makeover, or because they say they're from City Hall. You y-mail them back and tell your pass -- big oops! Then you are in trouble because they are much more likely to take your clams then to make you over. And City Hall's always telling us that no city worker would ever, ever ask for our personal info or passwords.

  3. This time, you are in a chat room and someone asks you if you want a makeover and you say yes... that is a big mistake, because that user might take your clams and then change your password and your email address. Then you wouldn't be able to get onto your account again, unless you've got a good parental email address from when you first signed up! They might even want your personal info, which is much worse than asking your pass!!!

I remembered once I found a great friend on Whyville and we talked for half an hour. Then she asked me how many clams I got a day and I told her my salary. Then she said she collected 100... and that's when she asked for my pass. I actually gave it to her because at that time I was pretty new. She went away and I realized that I would have to change my pass or she would hack me!

If you get asked how many clams you get a day, you might want to say a high number, so they might not say they can raise your salary.

So please be smart and DON'T give your password away!!!



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