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The Wonders of Water

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Kirbie393 here. Ever wondered why specialists recommend 8 glasses of water a day? Well, before my teacher explained and I did some research, so did I.

First of all, 8 glasses is an average for adults, not kids. Specialists and scientists say you should drink one 10-ounce glass of water for every 30 pounds of body weight, and more if you're exercising heavily or eating foods with excessive sugar. So, the average 150 pound person should drink 5 glasses a day. Why so much? There are several reasons. Did you know water helps you lose weight and keep a balanced weight? It's because people don't always realize the difference between feeling hungry and feeling thirsty. Studies say that one glass of water stops mid-night hunger cravings for many dieters.

Water... the "instant stress reliever." Being constantly dehydrated (like over 70% of Americans are every day) makes your brain feel weighed down and stressed. The second that water touches your tongue, it's bye-bye stress! And don't forget to drink some water before that big exam, as it helps to improve your concentration.

Remember; you should always drink one extra glass of water after each caffeinated beverage, like pop or coffee, to help dehydrate yourself. Your body can't just take the stuff it doesn't need out of the pop and take the water, so all pop does is weaken your bones. Oh, and for those of you old enough, drink two glasses of water after each alcoholic drink to prevent a hangover. That's what a hangover is -- not having enough water in your body, because alcohol literally dries you up!

I know this info may seem like a lot to pay attention to over something as simple as water, but believe me, I know from experience how hydrating with good ol' water helps. And once you go to 5 a day, you don't go back.

Kirbie393, over and out.


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